Acquiring a reputation for good feeds for your animals is no easy feat; maintaining the stamp of approval is even more challenging. However, Charnwood Milling Company is consistently one of the leading players in the field of feed manufacturing. This is due in no small measure to the fact that as a privately owned and totally independent company, Charnwood has always recognised two essential priorities; giving customers a service, and supplying the animals in their care with the best nutrition.

From the outset, Charnwood has invested in a continuing programme of research and feeding trials with the objective of producing a wide range of feeds to be sold on the quality of product, rather than purely through the efforts of a sales team. Our feeds have to do what they are designed to do, and consequently all rations are formulated to the best specification for their use, and up to the declared analysis, not the minimum permitted tolerances.

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Charnwood was formed in 1960 as a wholesale animal feed manufacturer, offering an entire range of products, using top quality rations produced from only the best natural ingredients. Since then, the company has gone from strength to strength with a steady expansion in the variety of products and services it provides and a growing number of satisfied and loyal customers as a result.

From its single milling base in the heart of East Anglia, Charnwood offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of animal and pet foods in the UK. No wonder a growing number of larger international companies are utilising the services we offer in the development, manufacture and packaging of their own brands and custom feeds.

In 1969, Charnwood began working on a new idea, infra-red thermal processing, to improve the digestibility of cereal grain. After extensive university research and trials at farms throughout the UK patents were granted worldwide, and we formed our sister company, Micronizing Company UK Ltd. With the first Micronizer installed at Charnwood in 1972, the production of cooked flaked Micronized maize, wheat, barley, oats and peas began.

The resulting nutritional benefits of the infra-red process have been well proven and welcomed by our customers. Micronized flaked cereals provide a very digestible, highly gelatinised ingredient to incorporate in young animal and performance diets as well as pet foods. Since 1980, Micronizing Company has developed new markets within consumer foods, including the chocolate industry, breakfast cereals, brewing, bakery and quick cook products and in the processing of whole soya beans. Today, over 300 Micronizers are operating in 42 countries across the globe.

In 1973, Charnwood turned its attention to horse feeds. At that time we believed equine diets failed to develop a horse's true potential. So, following intensive feeding trials, coupled with invaluable research and advice from leading equine nutritionists, Charnwood introduced its own horse feeds, and has since earned itself a reputation as a specialist in this area.

Charnwood's horse feeds offer a choice of nearly twenty different diets including both pelleted and coarse mix rations. Those not sold as complete feeds, are designed to provide a total feed when hay is added. They contain all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements necessary to maintain horses in tip-top condition.

Our modern and versatile production plant is designed to ensure that feeds are manufactured without fear of cross-contamination, in compliance with the codes laid down by the Jockey Club of Great Britain. We sustain some of the finest race horses in the UK and the proliferation of winners in all classes of competition cannot be just coincidental.

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Diets Provided by Charnwood Include:

At Charnwood, we have developed an impressive list of animal feeds covering both the UK and international markets. With the experience gained over nearly half a century, and our continued investment in plant and machinery, we produce diets specifically designed to bring out the best in your animals, whatever their breed, size and the conditions under which they live.

Charnwood provides itself in offering a level of service which is second to none. Whatever a customer's special needs might be, we can cater for them; adaptability and versatility are our bywords. For example we produce diets for elephants and monkeys, and racing camel food for the Untied Arab Emirates. We are happy to rise to any challenge, and our size and independence enables us to offer customers this unique service which larger companies either could not afford or would not be willing to offer.


  • Access to the best technical brains and analytical laboratories in the UK.
  • Up to the minute feed formulation software to formulate rations for custom and  specialist needs.
  • Fully integrated yet flexible milling plant designed to satisfy customers' urgent needs.
  • Support team of nutritionists for dietary advice - for all animals.
  • Trained and competent staff always available to give personal service.
  • Immediate advice on formulations and product development.

Our milling plant is as technologically advanced, and as responsive to customers' needs, as we can make it. At the same time we make a point of keeping the mill clean. This is part of our commitment to Good Manufacturing Practice.

Charnwood has four separate main production facilities: Pellets and Meals; Course Mixes; Micronized Ingredients; and Provender Products. Our four pellet presses can produce rations sprayed with various flavours as required, which are available through a choice of 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 8mm or 19mm dies. We offer expertise in producing both high-fibre and low-fibre diets, and can also add molasses, refined soya oil and/or refined chicken fat as standard.

Charnwood has two plants for the production of both dry, molassed or sugar-coated coarse mixes. In our Micronizing mill, we run three or our own Micronizers, so that all cooked and flaked ingredients are produced in-house, ensuring supreme quality.

Finally Charnwood has the facility to screen and clean all cereals, oil seeds and pulses, and can offer either mixed or individual provender products, cold rolled, cut, crumbled or whole.

QUALITY & SERVICE  [Our Company & History]    [Feeds & Nutrition]

We have an excellent relationship with our suppliers, who provide us with only the best natural ingredients for quality and appearance. Most of our cereal grains come from local farmers - only maize is imported - and all materials are stored in separate bins to guard against contamination. We pride ourselves on using only natural ingredients, for natural feeds.

We have also been working closely with owners, trainers and other specialists to produce tailor-made rations, custom-designed for individual situations.

We have full traceability for all our products, and we will not alter rations without discussing possible changes with our customers first. (Larger companies might make alterations daily without consultation). Samples are sent away regularly for testing and we have always complied with Trading Standards' exacting demands. We are also pleased to be awarded annual approval by the Ministry of Agriculture for the manufacture of animal and pet foods for export, and we are approved by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society for inclusion of veterinary-prescribed medicines in animal feeds.

Besides Europe, we have a growing market in the Middle East, where we supply first-rate performance rations for both horses and camels. Charnwood also provides feed for various exotic species at the prestigious Al Ain Zoo in Dubai. Charnwood's ability to formulate, manufacture and supply feeds for practically any animal, and to efficiently load and dispatch containers to all parts of the world, has created a growing demand for our more specialised products. As we are close to the international port of Felixstowe, and have links with air cargo companies, we are well placed to do this. In addition, we are planning to expand our mail order service, and to develop a new e-mail business for dog, rabbit and other pet food.

Custom packing is a growing side of our business. Charnwood operates two form, fill and seal, packing machines capable of packing most products in attractive packs varying in weight from 50gms to 5kgs. We have our own nitrogen production plant and all sachets can be gas-flushed to ensure freshness, and a longer shelf life. With this facility we operate a contract packing service, and regularly pack, label and despatch a variety of materials, including soluble vitamins and medicinal products.

Charnwood can also offer a bulk packing service for customers' own goods for bagging into carriers of their choice.

We pride ourselves in being able to offer a unique, personalised service in an ever-increasing mass production industry where a client's individual needs are sometimes considered secondary to company profits. Our policy is to discuss our customer's requirements first and only then recommend what we believe to be the best solution. After all, our ultimate aims are the same: shaping up animals for the performance of their lives, naturally.