In addition to all the made up feeds we also stock, for the convenience of our customers, a wide range of Straights, and ancillary feeds and products including:

- All individual ingredients, in bags, for those who prefer to mix their own feeds.

- Wood shavings for bedding.

- A complete range of Provender products for poultry, including Mixed Corn, Whole & Micronized Flaked Cereals.

- Flint grits, Limestone grits and Mixed grits.


As with all feeds, we believe that Sheep and Goat Rations should do more than just fill the animals to which they are being fed. They must work for animal and farmer!  All Charnwood Feeds are designed to produce good results good growth, good milk, good muscle, good health, good fertility and good profits!

Protein 17.0%  Oil 5.5%  Fibre 5.5%  Ash 6.3%  ME(rum) 13.0mj/kg DM

Good creep feeds have two main purposes to get the newly born Lambs eating, and growing, as soon as possible - and, by so doing ease the demands on the Ewe, enabling her to recover as quickly as possible.

[303]  EWE & LAMB NUTS 8mm
Protein 16.0% Oil 4.8% Fibre 8.8% Ash 7.5% MR(rum) 12.0mj/kg DM

Another feed with two purposes to encourage the lambs to maintain the growth rates achieved on the Lamb Creep Pellets and to return the Ewe to top health and condition

[304]  16% SHEEP ROLLS 19mm
Protein 16.0% Oil 4.0% Fibre  8.0% Ash 6.6% ME(rum) 12.0mj/kg DM 

Too large for the birds to take, and ideal for outdoor feeding, this high energy ration provides for optimum growth and health.  Very useful for providing that extra warmth in cold conditions.

Protein 14.0%  Oil 3.0%  Fibre 7.8%  Ash 7.2% ME(rum)11.1mj/kg DM

Designed to accommodate both cooked, and un-cooked grain screenings from our Micronizing Plant, this feed provides an economical, yet extremely palatable and digestible diet for all stock. Maintenance plus plus!

Protein 16.0% Oil 4.3% Fibre 6.8% Ash 7.5%  ME(rum)12.9mj/kg

An attractive coarse mix, both in appearance and taste!  This ration contains all of the nutrients necessary for optimum growth and development.    It is sprayed with Molasses and Soya Oil to encourage maximum uptake.

We will be happy to offer bespoke variations on any of the above rations, given sufficient requirement.