Having been involved for many years now in the manufacture of bespoke Ground Baits for some of the leading names in Angling, Charnwood has gained a great deal of experience in putting together Ingredients which will attract a wide variety of fish. This culminated last year in the introduction of our own bait, Fatal Attraction

Over a period of several months we questioned numerous Anglers, and tested many combinations of ingredients, until we were happy that we had the best we could - and then we added more! Most of the commodities known to attract fish are included in Fatal Attraction
along with carefully selected Amino Acids, oils and proteins - and just an odd secret or two! Fatal Attraction pellets are designed to break slowly, and one special addition triggers a (natural) red "mist" which will spread gradually, even to area well away from where you are fishing

The result amazed not only ourselves but also the vast majority of Anglers who tried our product. Many even took the trouble to send us photos and feedback, and we include a few of them as testament of the success they experienced!

We are presently testing a second product, based on Corn Steep Liquor, and hope to launch this within the next few months.


Charnwood also manufacture a unique version of Hemp Pellets - again with one or two secret additions! Incorporating our own Micronized (cooked) Hemp Seed Meal, blended again with Cereals, Proteins, oils and amino acids, the 8mm nuts are designed reach bottom , before starting to "fizz" and gradually dissipate. A very special, and extremely sweet red fruits flavouring is added as a final enticement!


In addition to the manufacture of Baits, we also supply a comprehensive range of commodities for those Anglers who prefer to blend their own. Please email us for quotes on any of the following:-

Whole Egg Powder; Dextrose; Super Fine Maize Flour; Micronized® Cooked Maize Meal; Micronized® Cooked Wheat meal; Whey Powder; Fat Filled Whey Powder; Lactalbumin; Whey Protein Isolate (75%); Acid/Rennet Casein; Calcium Caseinate; Sodium Caseinate; Hemp Seeds (re-cleaned and graded); Micronized® Cooked Hampseed meal; Micronized® Cooked Linseed meal; "Supersense" Milk/Vanilla Attractant; "Supersense" Red Fruits Attractant (Super sweet1); "Supersense" Liver Attractant; "Supersense" Citrus Attractant

Apart from the Attractants, which are available in either 1kg Tubs or 25kg Bags, all of the other products are packed in 25kg bags, with the exception of the Re-cleaned Hemp, which is in 20kg packs.

There is no minimum quantity for mail orders, but we do have a minimum of 5 bags for orders collected ex Mill.