Charnwood Milling's Horse Feed Specifications


An "add on" low inclusion supplement designed to be fed by those who want to keep competition horses in peak condition.  When fed in conjunction with Charnwood Endurance Horse Mix, this will help turn good horses into winning horses.

Combining well balanced levels of Biotin, Glucosamine, and Vitamin C, all important nutrients for Endurance Horses in work, this supplement provides the necessary "Plus"

Biotin                 Helps maintain Hoof horn condition and quality.

Glucosamine    Helps maintain joint function and metabolism.

Bio-available Vitamin C    As an aqueous antioxidant,  important for lung function, and to offset the increased free radical formation during aerobic exercise.

Endurance Plus comes in a 1.5kg pail, complete with measure and will provide sufficient cover for around 30 days


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