We believe that Dogs and Cats are born Carnivores, and that the majority of them live happier and healthier lives with animal proteins in their diets.  As we manufacture a wide range of feeds for animals destined for the human food chain, we are not permitted to handle such ingredients on our site, and have therefore had to commission the manufacture of our Dog and Cat foods elsewhere..

This did have it’s advantages, however, as we were able to consider several different manufacturers, and, as far as the cat food was concerned, many different products. 

We decided, after many trials and much research, to progress on four main products for dogs, and only one for cats.  All five are dry foods, which offer exceptional nutrition, whilst also being extremely palatable and digestible.   Brief details of all are shown below.

                          [447]  ALPHA COMPLETE PUPPY
Protein   29.0%        Oil   8.0%       Fibre   2.5%  Ash   7.5%

An extremely palatable, and very nutritious complete food for all Puppies. It’s palatability and digestibility ensure that all puppies get off to the best possible start.

                    [478]  LIVELY CRUNCH WORKING DOG
Protein   21.0%        Oil   7.5%       Fibre   3.2%  Ash   7.5%

Our biggest seller by far – and justifiably so!  A chunky, muesli-type complete food, containing a variety of extruded and flaked ingredients, all lightly sprayed with wheat glucose to ensure high palatability – and that extra crunch!

                          [414]  CHICKEN & RICE WORKING DOG
Protein   23.0%        Oil   14.4%    Fibre   3.5%  Ash   7.5%

A completely extruded complete dog food.  The higher protein, higher oil content has proved very popular with kennels and breeders, and regularly worked dogs.

                    [411]  LAMB AND RICE COMPLETE WORKER*
Protein   22.0%        Oil   14.4%    Fibre   3.5%  Ash   4.5%

A similar diet to the above, * BUT COMPLETELY GLUTE-FREE,  for those dogs with intolerance.  The high palatability ensures immediate uptake, and nutrition content ensures peak health and condition.


                    [399]  CHARNWOOD MOGGY MUNCH
Protein   30.0%        Oil   8.0%       Fibre   2.5%  Ash   7.5%

We took quite a while to find this one, but the wait was worth it!  A really high quality ration, with an exceptionally high palatability.  This feed really attracts cats and kitten alike – and then keeps them!





Charnwood’s dedicated aim to provide the best for all animals has recently reaped it’s reward as far as Chinchillas are concerned with over 80% of the leading Chinchilla Owners Site members voting our Chinchilla Pellets the best in the UK!  Our range of feeds for Chinchillas comprises:

Protein  20.1%  Oil 4.0%  Fibre 12.4%  Ash 7.6%  DE   11.3mj/kg as fed

The considerable time spent in researching the needs of Chinchillas, both as far as nutrition and their eating preferences are concerned, has resulted in this widely acclaimed diet. This is a top quality, highly palatable feed for growing and active Chinchillas -
Full Specification

Protein  15.8%  Oil  3.8% Fibre 14.0%  Ash 7.8% DE   10.2mj/kg as fed

As it’s name suggests this diet has been formulated to a slightly lower nutritional specification than that for the growing and more active Chinchillas.  The lower energy level will help guard against overweight, and provide a healthier diet for the older, less active, animals - Full Specification


Protein  14.5% Oil  10.0%  Fibre  8.4%% Ash 4.2%  DE   11.4mj/kg as fed

A nutritious, balanced and extremely palatable mix suitable for all small rodents – this feed contains 16 different  ingredients, all chosen specifically to ensure peak health & condition.

Protein 15.4%  Oil  2.4% Fibre  6.0% Ash  5.5%  DE  12.6mj/kg as fed

Another very palatable feed for all rats and mice.  High energy plus good Vitamin levels again ensure that your animals live a long and healthy life.