We are pleased to introduce our new range of GREEN Turkey Feeds. With the ever increasing demand for additive-free, natural feeds, and the lack of any registered medication against Blackhead, we have decided to withdraw all Zootechnical Medications from our Turkey feeds from 2005. Although good husbandry is still perhaps the most important criteria for the raising of healthy stock, we will be including two quite natural products, Eimericox, and Protophyt, as an added protection. These products provide plant based essential oils, which have been shown to provide natural, and effective, alternatives for the management of Coccidiosis and of the risk concerning flagellate protozoa

Because of the wide range of liveweights to which Turkeys are now produced, we have tried to make our range of feeds both comprehensive, and flexible.  It is impossible to list precise details of all possible growing regimes, but the following should provide cover for most situations

Protein 28.0%  Oil 3.8%  Fibre 3.6% Ash 7.8% ME (poult)  11.0mj/kg

A good starter to raise good, healthy chicks. A well balanced, high density ration to ensure that Chicks get off to the best possible start.                                            Feed from 0 6 weeks

[161]  TURKEY NO 1 PELLETS 2.5mm 
Protein 23.8%  Oil 3.9%  Fibre 3.3%  Ash 6.5%  ME (poult)  11.4mj/kg

A small pellet designed to aid the transition from Crumbs and ensure optimum growth during this period of rapid development.             
Feed from 6 12 weeks

Protein 19.4% Oil  4.0%  Fibre  3.4% Ash 5.5% ME (poult)  11.5mj/kg

To maintain growth in Turkeys to be killed at heavier weights this diet offers economical performance as efficiency (in Hens particularly) starts to decline.          
Feed from 12 18 weeks

Protein 16.4%  Oil  2.9% Fibre 3.2% Ash  4.6% ME (poult)  12.3mj/kg

This ration will provide economical growth and a good finish for birds killed at the heavier weights at around 25/26 weeks of age.        
Feed from 18 weeks to finish