Research tells us that Rabbits require high levels of fibre. We believe that these must be obtained from a combination of Ingredients, so that passage of food through the animal is controlled, thus avoiding the problem of compaction in the caecum, which has been a problem to so many rabbit keepers.

We know that, for optimum reproduction, growth and condition, these fibre providers must be combined, before feeding, with top quality protein and energy sources, and well balanced Vitamins, Minerals and Trace Elements.

We also know that the only way that this can be achieved, is by blending all of the necessary feed ingredients together, and producing the whole in pellet form.  Unlike the coarse rations which are produced for the pet trade, and which are designed more to please the eye of the purchaser, than the nutritional requirements of the rabbit itself, our Professional Rabbit Rations are all complete feeds, and do not rely on the addition of other forage sources.

We produce both High and Medium Energy Rations, and are very proud of the fact that our Rabbit Breeder/Grower Pellets with Acs, has been fed continuously on several farms for over 5 years now – without break, and with very little incidence of disease.

Although on a slightly higher Nutritional level our Chinchilla Pellets are formulated to the same stringent quality demands, and are now sought by customers from all over the United Kingdom. 


Pet Rabbits are usually fed quite differently, however, with most pet owners feeling that they must give their animals variety, and tending to choose the food, which they buy, on appearance.  By far the majority look for a coarse mix containing as many different ingredients as possible – and the more colour the better!  You may correctly gather that we are not in complete agreement with this principle. It is virtually impossible to get all of the fibre a rabbit needs into a coarse mix, whilst still leaving room for the other ingredients too, many of which are extruded, and contain very little fibre!

Being realistic, however, we know that we must make what the customer wants, although we do try to keep fibre levels as high as possible.  We also recommend that all owners ensure that their pets have permanent access to good quality hay, or other suitable forage.

Thumpers ® Supreme Rabbit Mix is the flagship of our Range. Scientifically formulated to as high a nutritional content as possible, Thumpers is still very appealing to the eye, and sales have increased significantly every year since it’s introduction. Having no Sales staff, this is all due to recommendation and must therefore be testament to the quality we strive to maintain.

In addition to a number of different Rabbit Feeds, Charnwood also offer top quality mixes for Guinea Pigs (with added Vitamin C) and Hamsters & Gerbils.



Charnwood Milling Company have for many years now, researched the nutritional needs of rabbits, in an effort to help Rabbit Framers/Breeders to stabilise their industry.  Commercial Rabbit keeping in the United Kingdom has never reached the levels of that in other countries in the EEC, and, although there are perhaps many reasons for this (others in Europe seem to use far more medicants),  we do feel that a fair proportion of the blame must lie in the fact that insufficient attention has been paid to the nutritional requirements of the rabbits themselves.

As stated in our preamble, rabbits do need fibre – and not just fibre from one or two sources – but certainly from five or six! This helps to ensure that the passage of food through the animal is governed and controlled, thus avoiding the major problem of compaction in the cecum, which has been the cause of so many problems in many commercial enterprises..

Fibre alone, however, should not be the only factor to be considered – careful attention must be paid to the energy content of the feed (rabbits have an unusually high capability to reproduce!) and also to the Vitamins. Minerals and Trace Elements, which are so important as far as Health, Condition and yes, Fertility are concerned.    Our Commercial Feeds are:-

Protein  18.0%    Oil  6.4%  Fibre 15.0% Ash 8.5%  DE 10.9mj/kg as fed

This ration comprises five different fibre sources, all combined with quality protein, Micronized Full Fat Soya Meal, and pure Refined Soya Oil, all combined to encourage peak health, condition and performance! This is an extremely reliable “all round” rabbit feed, and is available with, or without ACS medication.

Protein  15.0%   Oil 5.5%  Fibre 18.6% Ash 8.8%  DE  9.7mj/kg as fed

An alternative ration where disease can perhaps be more anticipated.  This higher-fibre, lower energy, ration does seem to offer more of a compromise, although performance obtained might not be quite as high.

Protein 13.0%  Oil 4.0% Fibre 16.0%  Ash  8.9%  DE 8.3mj/kg as fed

A Lower protein, lower energy, lower vitamin ration ideal for maintaining pet rabbits, or alternatively as a base for Home Mixes and/or Coarse Rations.  We do not recommend this ration for commercial breeding or growing enterprises.



Many Pet Rabbit owners feel that feeding pellets must be boring for their animals, and by far the majority tend to choose the food that they buy on appearance.. Most look for a coarse mix, containing as many ingredients as possible – and the more colour the better!  Whilst we do not totally agree with this principle, as rabbits need fibre, and most of the most coloured ingredients contain very little at all, we do know that we must make what the customer wants, and have one or two alternatives to offer.  We try to keep the inclusion of coloured extrusions to a minimum, and rely instead on natural cooked flaked peas, and dried carrot flakes, to catch the eye.  We offer:

Protein  14.4%%  Oil 3.5% Fibre  9.5%  Ash 5.1% DE 11.9mj/kg as fed

The most popular of our Coarse Mixes, the sales of Thumpers have increased dramatically since we introduced it some 5/6 years ago. We have managed to attain a really good mixture, without using coloured extrusions, and have included cooked and flaked peas, beans and maize, along with dried carrot flakes, to make a mix which really appeals – both to customer and rabbit!  Our very palatable Cereal Rabbit pellets [402] are included to carry the necessary Vitamins, Minerals and Trace elements and Locust Beans and a few whole Sunflower seeds are added for that extra treat.

Protein  13.8%  Oil  6.4%  Fibre  8.7%   Ash  4.5%  DE  13.2mj/kg as fed

Introduced some years ago, in response to consultations with customers who like to show their rabbits – this mix has proved very successful in producing several National awards. The somewhat higher oil level results in brighter fur and skin condition, and the higher energy level helps to boost conformity.  Fibre suffers a little though, and, as with all coarse mixes, quality fibre should always be available.

Protein 15.8%  Oil  3.9%  Fibre 8.8%   Ash  6.8%  DE 12.0mj/kg as fed

This Ration contains added Vitamin C, so necessary for healthy Guinea Pigs.  It is based very much on our popular Thumpers mix, with added protein and oil, the mixture provides an excellent feed for either Guinea Pigs or Rabbits.