Charnwood offer a complete range of top quality waterfowl diets. These diets have been designed by leading nutritionists and are manufactured with ingredients chosen to compliment natural feedstuffs. They contain generous levels of quality proteins like fishmeal and soya to improve digestibility and can be fed to all indigenous species of “dabbling” ducks.

Our standard range comprises.

A top quality high protein crumb designed to give birds a good start. The high levels of quality proteins and balanced vitamin, mineral and trace element cover will ensure early feathering together with maximum health and vitality.
Feed from 0 – 2/3 weeks.
Analysis: Protein 20.0% Oil 3.75% Fibre 3.0% Ash 6.0% Methionine 0.5%
Ingredients: Wheat, Hiprosoya, Fishmeal, Wheatfeed, Maizemeal, Dicalcium phosphate, Soya oil, limestone, vitamins and minerals.

This balanced ration continues to use a range of selected ingredients to ensure early growth and a smooth transition onto pellets.
Feed from 2/3 weeks to 16 weeks
Analysis: Protein 17.0% Oil 5.0% Fibre 3.5% Ash 6.75 Methionine 0.45%
Ingredients: Wheat, Hiprosoya, Wheatfeed, Fishmeal, Maizemeal, soya oil, Dicalcium phosphate, limestone, minerals and vitamins.

This balanced follow on ration is designed for continued growth, health and condition in the adult bird. This feed can be mixed with wheat to provide an overwinter ration.
Feed from 16 weeks onwards.
Analysis: Protein 15.5% Oil 4.5% Fibre 3.5% Ash 6.0% Methionine 0.4%
Ingredients: Wheat. Wheatfeed, Hiprosoya, maize meal, fishmeal, soya oil, dicalcium phosphate, limestone, minerals & vitamins.

Contains selected quality protein sources (including fish) to improve digestion and maximise amino acid availability plus high vitamin and mineral levels and natural pigments to optimise egg production and hatchability.
Feed 6 weeks prior to and throughout the laying period.
Analysis: Protein 17.5% Oil 4.5% Fibre 4.75% Ash 11.5% Methionine 0.45%
Ingredients: Wheat, wheatfeed, Hiprosoya, Fullfat soya, Limestone, maize meal, Ext sunflower, fishmeal, grass meal, dicalcium phosphate, soya oil, minerals & vitamins.