Charnwood Milling's Horse Feed Specifications click on any ration for further information
Oat Balancer Mix
Coarse Horse 11 Mix
Forage Extender Mix
Kick-on Pellets
Dressage mix
Hi-Fi Horse Nuts
Meadow Mixture
Coarse Horse 14 Mix
Trotter racing Mixture
Horse Concentrate Pellets
Back to Basics Horse Mix
Pony Nuts
No Oats Coarse Mix
Horse & Pony Nuts
Calm Horse Mix
Hunter / Eventer Nuts
Economy Horse Nuts
Thoroughbred (Stud) Nuts
Racehorse Mixture
Foal Creep Pellets
Racehorse Nuts
Yearling Developer Nuts
Horse-Cool Power Cubes
Veteran Horse Mix
Ration 234 Endurance Horse Mix
Endurance Plus Supplement
EasiBeet & EquiVeg Micronised Whole Linseed
High Fibre Conditioning Mix  

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